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Version: 3.0.1

📦 plugin-ideal-image

Docusaurus Plugin to generate an almost ideal image (responsive, lazy-loading, and low quality placeholder).


By default, the plugin is inactive in development so you could always view full-scale images. If you want to debug the ideal image behavior, you could set the disableInDev option to false.


npm install --save @docusaurus/plugin-ideal-image


Este plugin suporta apenas os formatos PNG e JPG.

import Image from '@theme/IdealImage';
import thumbnail from './path/to/img.png';

// your React code
<Image img={thumbnail} />

// or
<Image img={require('./path/to/img.png')} />

This plugin registers a Webpack loader that changes the type of imported/require images:

  • Before: string
  • After: {preSrc: string, src: import("@theme/IdealImage").SrcImage}


Campos aceitos:

namestringideal-img/[name].[hash:hex:7].[width].[ext]Filename template for output files.
sizesnumber[]original sizeSpecify all widths you want to use. Se um tamanho específico exceder a largura da imagem original, este último será usado (ou seja, as imagens não serão dimensionadas).
sizenumberoriginal sizeSpecify one width you want to use; if the specified size exceeds the original image's width, the latter will be used (i.e. images won't be scaled up)
minnumberAs an alternative to manually specifying sizes, you can specify min, max and steps, and the sizes will be generated for you.
maxnumberSee min above
stepsnumber4Configure the number of images generated between min and max (inclusive)
qualitynumber85JPEG compression quality
disableInDevbooleantrueYou can test ideal image behavior in dev mode by setting this to false. Tip: use network throttling in your browser to simulate slow networks.

Example configuration

Here's an example configuration:

export default {
plugins: [
quality: 70,
max: 1030, // max resized image's size.
min: 640, // min resized image's size. if original is lower, use that size.
steps: 2, // the max number of images generated between min and max (inclusive)
disableInDev: false,