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  • Add <Redirect> component for client side redirect. Example Usage:
import React from 'react';
import {Redirect} from '@docusaurus/router';

function Home() {
return <Redirect to="/docs/test" />;
  • Allow user to add custom HTML to footer items. #1905
  • Added code block line highlighting feature (thanks @lex111)! If you have previously swizzled the CodeBlock theme component, it is recommended to update your source code to have this feature. (#1860)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix @theme/Tabs component to be able to create tabs with only one item.
  • Fix MDX @theme/Heading component. If there is no id, it should not create anchor link.
  • Fixed a bug in which if themeConfig.algolia is not defined, the custom searchbar won't appear. If you've swizzled Algolia SearchBar component before, please update your source code otherwise CSS might break. See #1909 for reference.
- <Fragment>
+ <div className="navbar__search" key="search-box">
  • Slightly adjust search icon position to be more aligned on small width device. (#1893)
  • Fix algolia styling bug, previously search suggestion result is sometimes hidden. (#1915)
  • Changed the way we read the USE_SSH env variable during deployment to be the same as in v1.
  • Fix accessing docs/ or /docs/xxxx that does not match any existing doc page should return 404 (Not found) page, not blank page. (#1903)
  • Prioritize @docusaurus/core dependencies/ node_modules over user's node_modules. This fix a bug whereby if user has core-js@3 on its own node_modules but docusaurus depends on core-js@2, we previously encounter Module not found: core-js/modules/xxxx (because core-js@3 doesn't have that).
  • Fix a bug where docs plugin add /docs route even if docs folder is empty. We also improved docs plugin test coverage to 100% for stability before working on docs versioning. (#1912)

Performance Improvement

  • Reduce memory usage consumption. (#1900)
  • Significantly reduce main bundle size and initial HTML payload on production build. Generated files from webpack is also shorter in name. (#1898)
  • Simplify blog metadata. Previously, accessing /blog/post-xxx will request for next and prev blog post metadata too aside from target post metadata. We should only request target post metadata. (#1908)


  • Convert sitemap plugin to TypeScript. (#1894)
  • Refactor dark mode toggle into a hook. (#1899)