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Recapitulação de 2021 do Docusaurus

· Leitura de 7 minutos
Joshua Chen
Trabalhando duro no Docusaurus

O Docusaurus fez um grande progresso em 2021! We've seen a lot of traction and just crossed 30k stars on GitHub!

We've reached full feature parity with v1 after the release of internationalization, announced our first beta, and welcomed significantly more users this year.

The official v2 release is just around the corner! Follow the roadmap issue for any latest news.

Recapitulação do Docusaurus 2020

· Leitura de 6 minutos
Sébastien Lorber
Docusaurus maintainer, This Week In React editor

2020 was great for Docusaurus, despite a regrettable start and a tumultuous year for everyone.

We continued to invest in Docusaurus 2, and made it reach full feature parity with Docusaurus 1.

We now recommend Docusaurus 2 as the default choice to start a new Docusaurus project and encourage v1 users to migrate to Docusaurus 2.

We are still in alpha, but expect some good news very soon!

Three Docusaurus plushies laid side-by-side on the table

Recapitulação do Docusaurus 2019

· Leitura de 3 minutos
Yangshun Tay
Front End Engineer at Meta

2019 was a great year for Docusaurus - we've made tremendous progress on Docusaurus 2. Current Docusaurus 1 users who aren't using the translations feature can feel free to check it out and migrate to it! Caso contrário, trabalharemos com você para que isso aconteça em 2020 :)