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Azzedine E.
Mikey O'Toole
Mahri Ilmedova
Nguyễn Thành Nam
Nick Coughlin
Yongmin Hong
Sébastien Lorber

🚀 New Feature

  • create-docusaurus, docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-utils-validation, docusaurus-utils
    • #10137 feat(docs, blog): add support for tags.yml, predefined list of tags (@OzakIOne)
  • docusaurus-theme-translations
    • #10151 feat(theme-translations): Added Turkmen (tk) default theme translations (@ilmedova)
    • #10111 feat(theme-translations): Add Bulgarian default theme translations (bg) (@PetarMc1)
  • docusaurus-plugin-client-redirects, docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-pwa, docusaurus-plugin-sitemap, docusaurus-theme-search-algolia, docusaurus-types, docusaurus-utils, docusaurus
    • #9859 feat(core): hash router option - browse site offline (experimental) (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-module-type-aliases, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-theme-common, docusaurus-types, docusaurus
    • #10121 feat(core): site storage config options (experimental) (@slorber)

🐛 Bug Fix

  • docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-utils
    • #10185 fix(docs, blog): Markdown link resolution does not support hot reload (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-theme-search-algolia
    • #10178 fix(theme): SearchPage should respect contextualSearch: false setting (@ncoughlin)
    • #10164 fix(search): fix algolia search container bug (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-mdx-loader, docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-plugin-content-pages, docusaurus-utils
    • #10168 fix(mdx-loader): resolve Markdown/MDX links with Remark instead of RegExp (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-theme-translations
  • docusaurus
    • #10145 fix(core): fix serve workaround regexp (@slorber)
    • #10142 fix(core): fix docusaurus serve broken for assets when using trailingSlash (@slorber)
    • #10130 fix(core): the broken anchor checker should not be sensitive pathname trailing slashes (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-theme-common
    • #10144 fix(theme): fix announcement bar layout shift due to missing storage key namespace (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus
    • #10132 fix(core): configurePostCss() should run after configureWebpack() (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-utils, docusaurus
    • #10131 fix(core): codegen should generate unique route prop filenames (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-theme-translations
    • #10118 fix(theme-translations): fix missing pluralization for label DocCard.categoryDescription.plurals (@slorber)

📝 Documentation

  • #10176 docs: add community plugin docusaurus-graph (@Arsero)
  • #10173 docs: improve how to use <details> (@tats-u)
  • #10167 docs: suggest using {<...>...</...>} if don't use Markdown in migra… (@tats-u)
  • #10143 docs: recommend users to remove hast-util-is-element in migration to v3 (@tats-u)
  • #10124 docs: v3 prepare your site blog post should point users to the upgrade guide (@homotechsual)

🤖 Dependencies

Committers: 11