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Joshua Chen
Alexey Pyltsyn
Steven Hicks
Reece Dunham
Sergey Gromkov
Sébastien Lorber

🐛 Bug Fix

  • docusaurus
    • #7342 fix: avoid flash of page scrolling to top on refresh (@slorber)
    • #7329 fix(core): inject docusaurus version into SSR as local (@RDIL)
  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #7341 fix(theme-classic): properly highlight code block line numbers (@Josh-Cena)

📝 Documentation

  • #7334 feat(website): make canary release page display actual canary version name (@Josh-Cena)
  • #7343 docs: add page for create-docusaurus API documentation (@Josh-Cena)
  • #7340 docs: add Yandex Metrika plugin to community plugins (@sgromkov)
  • #7336 fix(website): fix multiple accessibility issues around color contrast (@Josh-Cena)
  • #7327 docs: add clarity to versioning behavior (@pepopowitz)

Committers: 6