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Chris Owen
Sergio Rafael Gianazza
Joel Hans
Joshua Chen
Костя Третяк
Nam Hoang Le
Rodrigo Moreno
Sébastien Lorber

Read the 2.0.0 beta blog post!

Note: this first beta release does not contain any new major feature. We are removing the alpha label, as we are confident Docusaurus 2 is stable enough.

🚀 New Feature

  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #4762 feat(v2): add es translations for docusaurus-theme-classic (@rodmoreno)

🐛 Bug Fix

  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #4750 fix(v2): improve french translation for theme-classic (@forresst)
  • docusaurus-mdx-loader, docusaurus-utils
    • #4736 fix(v2): fix encoding of markdown image/file inline file-loaders (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-utils
    • #4735 fix(v2): markdown title parser should ignore all forms of MDX import statements (@nam-hle)
    • #4729 fix(v2): optimize markdown parser regex (Closes #4726) (@nam-hle)

📝 Documentation

🏠 Internal

  • #4746 chore(v2): attempt to fix crowdin dl again (@slorber)
  • #4743 chore(v2): fix prod deployment due to bad image path (@slorber)
  • #4740 chore(v2): delay i18n-staging deployment to avoid Crowdin 409 errors (@slorber)
  • #4739 chore(v2): Fix Crowdin 409 issues in CI (@slorber)

Committers: 11