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Hob Adams
Bartosz Kaszubowski
Sébastien Lorber
Teik Jun

🚀 New Feature

  • docusaurus
  • docusaurus-1.x
    • #3124 feat(v1): add 'slugPreprocessor' config option to allow users customize the hash links (@Simek)
  • docusaurus-theme-search-algolia
    • #3133 feat(v2): add themeConfig validation to algolia theme (@slorber)

🐛 Bug Fix

  • docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus
    • #3142 fix(v2): config validation fixes + add tests for config validation (@teikjun)
  • docusaurus
    • #3149 fix(v2): BrowserOnly should not return undefined (@slorber)
    • #3143 fix(v2): absolute Links should be automatically prefixed by baseurl (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-types, docusaurus
    • #3141 fix(v2): remove buggy routesLoaded + deprecate routesLoaded lifecycle (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #3140 fix(v2): navbar item links should allow unknown attributes (@slorber)
  • docusaurus-theme-search-algolia
    • #3138 fix(v2): add accessible label for Algolia search button (@hobadams)
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus

📝 Documentation

🏠 Internal

  • Other
  • docusaurus-1.x, docusaurus-init-1.x, docusaurus-init, docusaurus-mdx-loader, docusaurus-migrate, docusaurus-module-type-aliases, docusaurus-plugin-client-redirects, docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-plugin-content-pages, docusaurus-plugin-debug, docusaurus-plugin-google-analytics, docusaurus-plugin-google-gtag, docusaurus-plugin-ideal-image, docusaurus-plugin-pwa, docusaurus-plugin-sitemap, docusaurus-preset-bootstrap, docusaurus-preset-classic, docusaurus-theme-bootstrap, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-theme-live-codeblock, docusaurus-theme-search-algolia, docusaurus-types, docusaurus-utils, docusaurus, lqip-loader, stylelint-copyright

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