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Artem Kovalov
Rajiv Singh
Julien Deniau
Jonny Nabors
Alexey Pyltsyn
Marco Moretti
Ben Gubler
SΓ©bastien Lorber

πŸ’₯ Breaking Change​

  • infima

    • The following Infima classes have been renamed for consistency:

      • page-item β†’ pagination__item
      • pagination-nav__link--label β†’ pagination-nav__label
      • pagination-nav__link--sublabel β†’ pagination-nav__sublabel
      • tab-item β†’ tabs__item
      • tab-item--active β†’ tabs__item--active

      If you have swizzled components, you need to replace these class names.

  • docusaurus

πŸš€ New Feature​

  • docusaurus
  • docusaurus-theme-classic
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-types, docusaurus
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-theme-search-algolia, docusaurus

πŸ› Bug Fix​

  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-utils
    • #2701 fix(v2): remove Markdown syntax from excerpt (@lex111)
  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #2765 fix(v2): remove invalid attr from mobile nav links (@lex111)
    • #2760 fix(v2): move anchor link to right of heading (@lex111)
    • #2758 fix(v2): remove extra top margin of tab item (@lex111)
    • #2759 fix(v2): restore hiding of docs toc (@lex111)
  • docusaurus-theme-search-algolia
    • #2762 fix(v2): avoid duplication search input in navbar (@lex111)
  • lqip-loader
    • #2693 fix(v2): add support ES Module to lqip-loader (@ykzts)
  • docusaurus-init
    • #2751 fix(v2): fix index page features.length when 0 (@jdeniau)

πŸ’… Polish​

  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #2773 chore(v2): upgrade Infima to 0.2.0-alpha.11 (@lex111)
    • #2766 refactor(v2): remove extra active CSS class for menu item links (@lex111)
  • docusaurus-theme-live-codeblock
    • #2767 refactor(v2): add support for dark mode to live code blocks (@lex111)
  • docusaurus-theme-search-algolia
  • docusaurus-theme-bootstrap, docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #2729 chore(v2): upgrade Infima to 0.2.0-alpha.10 (@lex111)
  • docusaurus-utils
    • #2696 refactor(v2): make semicolon optional in imports for excerpt (@lex111)

πŸ“ Documentation​

🏠 Internal​

  • docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-theme-live-codeblock, docusaurus
    • #2464 refactor(v2): add @theme-init alias to give access to initial components (@lex111)

:running: Performance​

  • docusaurus

Committers: 13​