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Binary Logic
Dongwoo Gim
Alexey Pyltsyn
Wei Gao

πŸ’₯ Breaking Change​

  • docusaurus-init, docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-plugin-content-pages, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-theme-live-codeblock, docusaurus-theme-search-algolia, docusaurus-utils, docusaurus
    • #2045 breaking(v2): minimum required nodejs version 8.9-> 8.10 so we can use es2017 (@endiliey)

πŸš€ New Feature​

  • docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus
    • #2069 feat(v2): support prefers-color-scheme & fix dark mode FOUC on refresh (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-blog
    • #2000 feat(v2): add meta RSS/Atom feed links to head (@lex111)
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-types, docusaurus
    • #2057 feat(v2): injectHtmlTags API to inject head and/or body html tags (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus-mdx-loader, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-plugin-sitemap, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus
    • #2032 feat(v2): allow non sidebar category to be first item of sidebar (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-types, docusaurus

πŸ› Bug Fix​

  • docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus
    • #2069 feat(v2): support prefers-color-scheme & fix dark mode FOUC on refresh (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus-mdx-loader
    • #2067 fix(v2): toc should not be broken for heading with html inline code (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #2064 fix(v2): markdown reference to file should not be page not found (@endiliey)
    • #2061 fix(v2): fix docs sidebar highlighting if link is partially matched (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus
    • #2042 fix(v2): remove css order warning if css imports are not sorted (@endiliey)

πŸ’… Polish​

  • docusaurus-theme-classic

πŸ“ Documentation​

🏠 Internal​

  • docusaurus-plugin-content-blog
  • docusaurus
    • #2060 fix(v2): clean generated manifest from previous build so we dont use the wrong one (@endiliey)
    • #2033 refactor(v2): move unused generated files out from build folder (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus-types, docusaurus
  • docusaurus-mdx-loader, docusaurus-plugin-ideal-image, docusaurus-types, docusaurus
  • docusaurus-init, docusaurus-mdx-loader, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus

:running: Performance​

  • docusaurus-plugin-google-analytics, docusaurus-plugin-google-gtag
    • #2070 perf(v2): more performant gtag and analytics plugin (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus
    • #2046 perf(v2): use webpack future version of asset emitting logic to free memory (@endiliey)
    • #2039 perf(v2): replace unnecessary json stringify(string) with inline string (@endiliey)
    • #2035 perf(v2): use @babel/runtime plugin to reduce codesize (@endiliey)
  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs
    • #2054 perf(v2): unblock metadata processing when possible (@endiliey)

Committers: 5​