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Alexey Pyltsyn
Yangshun Tay

πŸš€ New Feature​

  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #1956 feat(v2): add ability hide dark mode toggle (@lex111)

πŸ’₯ Breaking Change​

  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs
    • #1958 breaking(v2): editUrl should point to website instead of docsDir (@endiliey)

πŸ› Bug Fix​

  • docusaurus-theme-classic
    • #1959 fix(v2): useTOC hooks should not be called in each nested children (@endiliey)

πŸ’… Polish​

  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus
    • #1957 refactor(v2): avoid synchronous/ blocking operation when possible (@endiliey)

πŸ“ Documentation​

🏠 Internal​

  • docusaurus-1.x, docusaurus-plugin-content-blog, docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-theme-classic, docusaurus-theme-search-algolia, docusaurus-types, docusaurus-utils, docusaurus
  • Other

:running: Performance​

  • docusaurus-plugin-content-docs, docusaurus-utils, docusaurus
    • #1951 perf(v2): skip runtime fileHash cache in prod & get timestamp asynchronously (@endiliey)
    • #1950 perf(v2): more efficient hot reload & consistent filegen (@endiliey)

Committers: 3​